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we are awear

a clothing brand on a mission to raise awareness for endangered species

AWEAR is pronounced like the word 'aware' and represents our main objective - to create awareness. AWEAR is also an anagram that can be rearranged to form the words 'we' 'are' 'aware' 'wear'.

We are a clothing brand on a mission to raise awareness for endangered species, which is expressed in our slogan "wear this for awareness". Our goal is to create permanent, impactful change for the benefit of animals and nature. Please join us for exciting updates and to remain aware of our mission and goals. We hope you enjoy shopping on the site!

- Steph Griffith, creator of AWEAR

10% profits donated

care for wild south africa

We cannot say enough good things about Care for Wild. They rescue baby rhinos whose mothers have been poached, usually just in time to survive.

care for wild

wildlife friends foundation

Located in Thailand, this foundation is making a critically positive difference with Asian Elephants (amongst other species) as well as providing a safe space for "retired" Elephants.

wildlife friends foundation

how our donations work

We set aside 10% of sales and grow the fund into an effective amount. Once we have reached an effective amount, we release the funds to vetted recipients.

baggy bottoms
elephant rhino
sweater weather
Elephant Rhino

awear redefines the meaning of a fashion brand

We take pride in differentiating ourselves from other brands by putting unique and well thought out touches to all of our designs and products. Everything we do is completely custom and limited with a true end goal. Learn how AWEAR's clothing differentiates itself from other fashion brands through its animal prints and labels brands by browsing the site and reading below.

awear's animal prints

Real life interactions from volunteering and responsibly visiting with the animals inspired AWEAR's prints and colors that are carefully crafted within the clothing. Click the below images to learn more.

awear's labels

We have completely repurposed a typical clothing label. Not only do we include the mandatory fabric composition, sizing and care information, but we also try to raise awareness by including vital information about the species.

spread awareness through fashion

wear what you believe in

awear creates change

be the change

we are awear

wear this for awareness

ways you can help

sign our pledge

Signging our pledge is a great step in fighting back against the issues facing Elephants and Rhinos. You could also be surprised with a little rewards at the end :).

vote for a species

Do you feel strongly about saving a specific animal species? We want to hear from you! Click the button below to submit your vote for our next collection.