what is awear

AWEAR is a fashion brand that diversifies itself by selling clothing and accessories filled with information about a cause to enlighten and educate the customer. We then hope the customer talks about the items, which helps us achieve our mission of raising awareness for endangered species and other causes.

Ⓥ Vegan 🐰 Cruelty Free 🌱 Eco-Fabrics 🇺🇸 Made in USA 🌐 Small Business ❤️️ Give Back ♀ Woman Owned

awear's mission

short term mission

AWEAR's short term mission is to spread awareness for endangered species and other causes by helping educate the customer through our clothing, labels, website and other platforms. We donate funds from the collection of donations and the 10% net proceeds from sales which help create change that will positively impact our species, nature and planet. We believe our short term mission is extremely attainable, so help us by buying and wearing AWEAR products!

long term mission

AWEAR's end goal is to help keep species from going extinct and preserve our environment and wildlife. Endangered species continue to lose habitable land and AWEAR will try to fight this by purchasing private land which would allow animals to live safely in the wild. AWEAR plans to form a committee whose responsibility is to lobby local and federal governments for legislation that would protect species and nature. Our long term missions are a challenge, but worth it if it means saving animals and nature.

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awear is impactful

AWEAR puts a ton of research into its designs to make sure the clothing and accessories have the largest impact on its customers.

learn about sustainability

AWEAR is committed to working with factories that hold the highest standards and sourcing only the best most eco materials.