The Elephant Print & Color Pallete

how we created the elephant print

AWEAR's owner and creator, Steph Griffith, spent some time volunteering with the Asian Elephants in Thailand. While she was there, she was completely inspired by their beauty, particularly their endearing freckles. She took these peach and grey speckles and turned them into a unique animal print and color pallete.


An Elephant's eyelashes or tail hairs are used for jewelry and other unnecessary items. The process of ripping out these hairs is painful. Do not buy jewelry made with Elephant hairs.


There has been increased demand in Myanmar and other Asian countries for Elephant skin jewelry and leather. Do not buy products with Elephant skin.


Asian Elephants get freckles from being in the sun, just like humans! Better break out that SPF everyone.


African Elephants are poached for their tusks which are composed of ivory. Female and Male African Elephants have tusks while only male Asian Elephants have tusks.

from real life interactions

turned into animal prints

The Elephant Print was created from interacting and volunteering with Asian Elephants. Mistaken for the ever fashionable leopard print, The Elephant Print is actually based off their adorable freckles that are particularly prevelant when they smile.

The Rhino Print & Color Pallete

how we created the Rhino print

AWEAR's owner and creator, Steph Griffith, spent time in South Africa volunteering with and studying the Rhinos. One day while feeding some chubby baby unicorns, she was inspired their insanely cute tiny horns and wrinkles. It was in this moment, she created the idea of "AWEAR" in her head, a brand that can raise awareness for endangered species. She mixed a tie dye look with colors and elements inspired from these baby Rhinos.


White represents the Rhino horn and it is the main factor in their potential extinction. Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same as our fingernails.

Light Grey

The Rhino has several beautiful grey tones in its skin. Rhino skin can be up to two inches thick!


A heard of Rhino is referred to as a crash. A group of them could really crash a party, am I right?


The Black Rhino is one of the most endangered of the species. The photo above is of two baby black rhinos, distinguishable by their narrowed lips.

rhino print creation

volunteering with rhinos

The above photos and videos were snapped when our owner and creator was feeding a baby Black Rhino, the most endangered of the rhino species. If you look at the top of its adorable head, you can see how Steph drew inspiration to create The Rhino Print.