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You know those boring labels that scratch against your back as you walk? Well say goodbye to those and hello to our jersey knit printed labels! AWEAR has completely diversified itself as a fashion brand by utilizing the most common feature of clothing, the label. Our labels are soft on the skin, extra large and color printed with tons of valuable information. Of course we include all the mandatory regulated information such as fabric content, washing instructions and sizing. But, we go above and beyond by including information for our causes, such as ways to help, threats they face and days to celebrate. We also highlight estimated population counts of the speices with the hope that every year when we re-print the labels, we are able to increase this number. The labels are extra large, but that is because they are extra impactful. Find one on the back of your AWEAR clothing piece.

So, why has AWEAR spent all this time creating custom labels? Because we believe providing information is an important step to promote awareness.

mandatory information

Our labels include the mandatory regulatory information such as sizing, fabric content, wash instructions and place of production (which will always be the USA).

+ awear's information

We have enhanced a typical label with vital information including the subspecies names, estimated population figures, threats the animals face, ways to help them and their day of celebration.

the elephant labels

We enhance labels from ordinary to extraordinary by providing information on the species we aim to help save. We believe this helps promote awareness, one of the strongest factors and first steps in helping the cause.

the rhino labels

We take a few extra leaps with basic labels and use them to provide our customers information on the endangered species they just supported through their purchase.