10% net profit from sales collected and donated

how our donations work

donations based funding

Each customer has the option to further donate during checkout or using the link below. 100% of the donations collected are held in the We Are AWEAR holding account and released to the recipients when the funding has reached an effective amount.

sales based funding

10% of the net proceeds from each sale go directly into the We Are AWEAR holding account. The amounts are held until enough funding is collected to achieve an effective amount. Our net proceeds are calculated as gross sales - cogs - sales fees - shipping - taxes = net proceeds.

effective amount

An effective amount has the ability to create change within an organization. We estimate this effective amount to be around $10,000 per recipient. Each recipient has different needs and their effective amount could vary dependent on those needs. Once the effective amount is reached, we release the funds to the recipients.

Awear's donation recipients

elephant collection recipient
wildlife friends foundation

Located in Thailand, Wildlife Friends Foundation has been personally vetted by the owner, Steph Griffith. The amount of care this organization puts into their facilities and with the animals is truly inspiring. We feel they are making a difference in the saving of Asian Elephants, amongst other species that are suffering in Thailand.

rhino collection recipient
care for wild South Africa

We have been completley blown away by the incredible organization that is Care for Wild. AWEAR's creator, Steph, volunteered with them and learned so much about the threats Rhinos face. Care for Wild saves baby orphaned Rhinos whose mothers have been poached or killed. The founder of Care for Wild once worked as a Kruger National Park ranger and thoroughly understands the urgent need to help Rhinos.

you can donate more and 100% of these donations go to the foundations

100% of these donations are collected into a fund and once the effective amount has been reached, 100% of these funds are released to the recipient.