our clothing

it is the best

awear's designs are alpha

AWEAR took a basic tee and made it unbasic

We have created the most superior styles by photographing and studying nature and animals inspiring us with vision and inspirations. We now have collections with the most unique designs and meaning. We put research and thought into every step of the design process. We have carefully crafted our designs to create basics with a twist, which provides us an end result that is unique and superior. AWEAR is alpha.

our fabrics are seriously soft

AWEAR uses the eco-friendly modal and cotton fabrics

Our blend of modal and cotton creates the most perfectly soft and handsome garments. The modal makes for a silky, lustrous, extra soft feel while the cotton provides strength and structure that will make the piece last forever. We have created the perfect weight to make sure the white tees and joggers are not transparent. You will seriously want to live in and never take off your AWEAR clothing.

no one does animal prints like awear

we interact with the animals in real life

We actually go out and study the animal in real life, photograph and video it in its natural habitat and create the animal print designs based off our experience. Our animal prints use true to form coloring an shapes. We love to find unique aspects of a species not immediately known or seen. All animal are so beautiful which is why we believe our animal prints are the best.

our labels have a greater purpose

we took a generic clothing label and enhanced it with information about the animals

Typical fashion brands use boring labels that scratch on your back and only include regulatory information. Yuck! AWEAR has taken advantage of the typical clothing label by making it FUN! Our labels are extra soft and full of vital information regarding the animals and cause. YUM!