awear is eco-conscious

we love our planet


trims with thought

AWEAR tries to source all environmentally friendly trims. We use shell buttons on our sweaters. Our drawstrings are 100% cotton with knotted finishings. We will never use metals or anything that harms the environment when tossed out.

eco-conscious threads

Our Modal yarn comes from the responsible company Lenzing. Modal is created from Beech Wood tree pulp sourced from sustainable, low water usage forests in Austria. Our cotton threads are eco due to the fact they are natural and easily break down.


AWEAR uses two different types fabrics, a jersey knit and a french terry. Both fabrics are created from a blend of modal and cotton threads. The eco-conscious threads are spun into fabric yardage and dyed/ colored right outside of Los Angeles in a safe and clean factory.

manufacturing & production


The cutting, sewing, sampling and packing is all done by eco-conscious industry professionals in Nashville, TN.


AWEAR consulted with Casual Brand Creative on pattern adjustments, fittings, marking, grading and pre-production.


All designs and styles are inspired, created, illustrated and made by the owner and creator, Steph Griffith.



AWEAR utilizes residential space located in Venice Beach, CA as the fulfillment center. That way, we do not take space or land away from animals or nature. Our center has recyclable bins and eco-products.


AWEAR uses custom packaging made by the eco-brand noissue. Our tissue paper, polybags and stickers are all recyclable or compostable. We reuse cardboard boxes for shipping, which is 100% sustainable.


Right now, our shop is only online. In the future, we plan to sell our products from a custom made bike. Our bike will be considered extremely eco as it will not use gas!

bragging rights

made in the usa

Literally. Everything is made in the USA.